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Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for 2018 Elections and Beyond

With the 2018 midterm elections looming, Resistance groups are gearing up for a massive Get Out the Vote effort to create a strong Blue Wave across the country.

This GOTV effort is focused on taking back the House of Representatives, holding the Senate (and possibly taking that back too) and winning state Government positions: Governorships, state legislative seats, Attorneys General and Secretaries of State positions too.

What follows in this section are several GOTV and Resistance groups so that you can identify those that interest you and get involved in the upcoming midterms, the most important elections of our lifetime.

What’s at stake is the future of our democracy.

We must have Democratic legislators in place at all levels of government to serve as a check on the dangerous agendas of President Trump and the GOP.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Groups and Resources


Calendar of 2018 Primary and General Elections


The Last Weekend Project

Led by Swing Left, an impressive coalition of Resistance organizations have come together to plan for a concerted grassroots GOTV effort over the last four days before the midterms (i.e. the Last Weekend)  By visiting the following link, you can sign up now for GOTV actions to take between now and election day:

Here’s an excerpt from the Democratic Attorneys Generals Association’s press release describing the Last Weekend initiative:

Top Progressive Political Organizations Join Forces for Midterm Elections

Swing Left, Indivisible, MoveOn, and Others Unite to Launch “The Last Weekend”, a First-of-its-kind Coalition to Catalyze Unprecedented Nationwide Volunteering Efforts

JULY 17 2018 — Today, a broad coalition of leading progressive political organizations launched ‘The Last Weekend’, an unprecedented cultural and political initiative to catalyze nationwide volunteering leading up to and including the last weekend before the midterm elections (Sat 11/3 – Tues 11/6). The Last Weekend is the first time major progressive groups have united at this scale in a strong, coordinated effort to support Democratic candidates up and down the ticket, across the country. The coalition is organized by Swing Left and includes March On, MoveOn, Indivisible, Organizing for Action (OFA), the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), The Collective PAC, Flippable, The Arena, Center for Popular Democracy Action, National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), Latino Victory, Progressive Turnout Project, NewFounders, MobilizeAmerica, Sister District, Wall of US, Working Families Party, Resistbot, Stand Up America,, #VOTEPROCHOICE, and United We Dream.  Read more… 

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Whereas past get-out-the-vote efforts have focused on getting people to pledge or register to vote, The Last Weekend goes further, turning fired up voters into energized volunteers doing high-impact voter contact work on the most critical weekend of the electoral calendar, when studies show GOTV efforts are the most effective. By combining forces, the coalition will create a network effect that aims to secure sign-ups at of more than 1 million volunteer hours, ensuring a formidable, nationwide volunteer force dedicated to transforming the government. In addition to visiting, people can also commit to volunteer by texting WEEKEND to 50409…

In addition to leveraging well-known names to engage volunteers, The Last Weekend will use a new, user-friendly online tool that allows volunteers to commit how many hours they can give on The Last Weekend and invite others to sign-up, too. On-the-ground teams will use this tool to gather volunteer sign-ups at summer and fall recruitment drives.

Work on The Last Weekend starts NOW. By signing up early, volunteers will be connected immediately with actions they can take between now and November 6th as well as educational and training resources to help them make the most of their time and energy. Signing up early will also allow campaigns to understand clearly the resources available to them and ensure that volunteer work is as strategic and impactful as possible. For more information, visit

Sean Rankin, DAGA Executive Director, statement on The Last Weekend:

“The fight to protect healthcare, reproductive rights, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, and our environment is more important than ever—and electing Democratic Attorneys General is crucial to advancing these rights and stopping Trump in his tracks. Winning these fights also relies on strong coalitions like The Last Weekend (TLW), and as a committed partner in TLW, DAGA is doing its part in executing our collective plan for reaching voters early, keeping the energy up, and reinforcing to the American public that each of us can make a difference with our voice, our volunteer time, and on Election Day, our vote.” – Sean Rankin, executive director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association.

GOTV Action Guide

Here’s a link to a GOTV Action Guide issued September 2018 by NewFounders  an activist group based in Chicago.  The Action Guide includes links to various activist groups so that each of us can get involved in the critical Get Out the Vote effort this fall.  By reviewing the Guide, you can easily find those groups/initiatives that will be the best fit for you given your skill set, interests and time you can commit to the GOTV effort.

How to Engage Millennials

Here is a link to a new action paper released by NewFounders, a Chicago-based activist group,  detailing how best to engage with Millennials and the best ways to get them to vote.

Good Werk

This group is actively working in Illinois to increase youth voter turnout to 50% this midterm election cycle(up from 21% in 2014).   They have launched a campaign on various digital platforms and campuses with the goal of reaching 1 million potential Illinois voters age 18-35.
To jumpstart this effort, Goodwerk has launched a CrowdPac to empower Illinois youth to vote

A Time to Vote

A Time to vote is a nonpartisan initiative made up of over 150 companies that have banded together to boost voter turnout. Here’s a short list of what companies in this coalition are doing to make voting in the midterm elections easier:

  • Lyft is offering 50% off promo codes to help get people to polling locations. It’s also offering free rides in underserved communities.
  • Patagonia is  shutting down its entire operations for Election Day.
  • Walmart made this website listing several election resources.

Per a Pew study, 35% of registered voters did not vote in the 2014 midterms because of work or school conflicts.  Here’s a link to a New York Times article with more information on this initiative.

Progressive Turnout Project

This group’s mission is connecting with voters and promoting user turnout.

Swing Left

Swing Left is a leader in mobilizing the GOTV effort for the midterm elections and beyond.  SL is focused on  Swing Districts in the House, places where the last election was decided by a thin margin, where we have opportunities to defeat Republicans.  They have become a major force in the Resistance being one of the first organizers of the Last Weekend and have developed a detailed Action Plan for for taking back the House in 2018.  Plus they have created an excellent Take Action web page where people can easily find canvassing, phone banking and postcard writing opportunities near them.  Also, they’ve launched Swing Left Academy offering training and resources to help progressive candidates win their elections.

Spread the Vote

This group represents a novel ‘work around’ to the increasingly onerous GOP imposed voter ID restrictions.  Twenty-one million eligible voters in the US do not have a valid voter ID and are therefore effectively disenfranchised.  Spread The Vote obtains government-issued photo IDs for eligible voters at no cost to them.  Spread the Vote is building a scalable and sustainable way to help voters get the IDs they need for job, housing, voting, and more 365 days a year PLUS election day. is a relatively small, grassroots organization with about $500,000 in funding. Currently the group is active in five states: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. By 2020, they  hope to be working in the 20 states with strict ID requirements.   Here’s a link to a recent article in the Daily Beast about Spread the Vote’s work.

Vote Riders

Founded in 2012, Vote Riders educates voters about what’s required to be registered and helps them get the documentation they need. It prints and distributes wallet-sized information cards for every state and provides a toll-free number (844-338-8743) for getting free voter ID assistance. VoteRiders is especially active in Wisconsin, Arizona and Florida.

Ballot Information


An excellent resource for detail on upcoming elections.

League of Women Voters’ is a “one-stop-shop” for election related non-partisan information. This innovative voter resource provides non-partisan information to the public with both general and state-specific information. Register to vote, find candidate information, and much more at

Ballot Ready

This group will send you notifications about upcoming elections where you’re eligible to vote. 

Vote Smart

Their mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials.

EveryElection App

A new app developed by NewFounders, an activist group in Chicago working to fuse tech with politics to help our democracy, EveryElection makes it easier to locate elections you can vote in, communicate with candidates and remind your friends to vote.

Town Hall Meetings With Candidates/Representatives

Attend a Town Hall Meeting to Have your Voice Heard

Attend a Town Hall Meeting of your Congressional representative to protest against the Trump/GOP  agenda. This is a good resource to find town hall meetings near you.

FYI Indivisible has an excellent  ‘how to’ guide detailing how best to maximize your impact in meetings with your member of Congress (MoC).  

Facebook: Find a Town Hall Meeting

Facebook has a new link that makes it easier to find and meet with your representatives in town hall meetings.

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