Our Wins

Mobilized Daily Action

Thanks to the efforts of Moveon.org, the Indivisible Guide, Daily Action, and other Resistance organizations we have had some hard won victories but we need to be ever vigilant since Trump and the Republicans will keep fighting on to resuscitate their failed legislation and administrative rulings.

Estimated 4 Million Demonstrate

The Women’s March where an estimated 500,000 people marched in Washington DC on Jan. 21st 2017 far surpassing attendance at his inauguration the day before. An estimated 4 million people demonstrated across the country against Trump the day after his inauguration. Political scientists estimated that the marches were the single largest day of protest in US history.

Explosive Growth in Activist Groups

Explosive growth of Resistance political activism groups such as Indivisible, Moveon.org, Daily Action, ACLU, EMILY’s List, Southern Poverty Law Center, National Democratic Redistricting, Spread the Vote, etc. 

Voter Turnout at Town Halls Increases

Dramatic increases in turnout at Members of Congress’ town halls during Congressional recesses with constituents vocalizing opposition to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and other Trump/Republican proposed legislation.

Companies Dump Products

#GrabYourWallet sees companies dump Trump products. This site has successfully encouraged consumers to boycott companies that have demonstrated ties to the President either by selling his or his family’s products, or by endorsing him during the election campaign. 

Surge in New Candidates

The surge in people who are willing to run for elected office with groups such as Run for Something where more than 8,000 people have pledged to run for office through this website. Run for Something and other organizations such as EMILY’s List, where over 12,000 women have signed on to run for office, provide training and resources to those interested in running for any level of political office.

Democratic Strength 2017 - 2018

Surprising Democratic strength in 2017-2018 special and primary elections in Kansas, Georgia, Montana, Wisconsin, etc. suggests growing pushback against Trump and the GOP agenda.

Democratic Energy

Democratic energy has been on vivid display in many special elections since President Trump’s inauguration, including in strongly conservative areas where Republicans usually win elections easily.  Multiple forces are behind the swing: Republican voters appear demoralized while Democrats are fired up, and some voters who typically lean Republican have been shifting away from the party.

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